Living room with Beige sofa

A beige sofa might not be the first choice for a country piece of furniture. Usually in this kind of design style there’s a tendency to go towards very heavy brown leather pieces. However, this can really dominate a room. In this kind of case, you can use what you already have and still get a new theme. Whenever you change up the theme it really helps you work within your space and also changes how people are going to feel about your design style. It can even be a part of a more elegant French bedroom if you want to mix the two styles.

When you go with a very bright white fabric it’s important to make sure that it isn’t too modern. In this case, you could just have a lot of fun with your end tables. Try painting them in bright colors such as a yellow or a lime green. It can still have those hearty country kinds of lines. This is going to really mix the contemporary and rustic styles together but in a very fun and playful kind of manner.

The really great thing about a beige sofa is that it doesn’t have a pattern to it so it’s extremely neutral and easy to decorate with. You might not have one of these pieces in your home but you wish you did. In this case, you can invest in a high-quality slipcover. These work well in the country design style just because this kind of home is all about family. It’s all about being comfortable. In this case, you can just clean your slipcover whenever it gets dirty. This is an easy way to finally be able to decorate with a lighter color even if you have kids. In this case, you might want to just stick with more of a white denim fabric as long as it’s easy to clean. This can be a little bit more rustic than most upholstered pieces.