A door canopy is a functional addition to the entrances of both residential and professional buildings

A door canopy is a functional addition to the entrances of both residential and professional buildings. These small awnings provide shelter from the rain, snow, or even sun, and can help keep your front door free of debris. Those who are considering adding such a canopy to their homes will find a number of different options in terms of both styles and the materials from which they are constructed. Regardless of the type you choose, you will appreciate the way these practical additions to any building make your entry appear more inviting and ordered.

An aluminum door canopy is one of the leading choices for homes and offices alike. The biggest benefit of aluminum is its durability. Metal awnings will last for decades and require little maintenance to continue to look as good as new. Though most people think of a gray, shiny color when they hear aluminum, they are actually sold in a wide array of colors and styles. If the color of your choice is not being sold in stores, painting your awning before or after installation is possible. The only downside of aluminum is its inflexibility. Some homeowners feel that it gives a home too severe a look, and may appear dated or industrial.

Fabric canopies give your doorway a softer feel. Though they can provide a similar amount of protection to the canopies described above, they offer the added benefit of being retractable is the homeowner so chooses. Retractable fabric canopies are slightly more expensive than their fixed counterparts, but the fact that they may simply be rolled up into the house when not in use makes that extremely attractive. Rolling them up during periods of nice weather will allow those with glass doors to allow more light into their homes, and it can make it easier to take down your canopy for cleaning.

A door canopy is a great addition to the entrance of any building. They will add elegance and utility, and, with proper care, can last for decades.