Unique Bathroom Design

Very few homes are endowed with bathrooms that have plentiful of space incorporating whirlpool tubs. For some homes, bathroom space is a laxity and bringing down walls for the sake of its expansion is not an option. However still, it is the desire of most housewives to remodel their already crumpled bathroom. A small bathroom remodel is not a task for the feint-hearted, but having the correct type of information, a great small bathroom design can be a possibility.

Before starting on the remodeling, it is important that you design a floor plan which will ensure the maximum use of available space. Fear should not be a factor that hinders the inclusion of free-floating objects. You can stretch the space of a small bathroom by making use of mirrors. Color scheme should however be kept to the minimum. An inviting look can be enhanced by use of coordinated colors, bathroom accessories, maximizing the lighting and making it fresh.

Huge items can make the bathroom look smaller and should be avoided at all costs. Items that you can incorporate include corner sink given their small sized nature that function in freeing up the visual space underneath. Pedestal sink can be used as an alternative due to its classic design and free placing.

One way of preserving space in your bathroom is to remove the bathtub and remain with a sand-in shower. Select a toilet that can be easily positioned next to the wall but keep in mind that the size of the tank and seat plays a huge roll on the amount of space it will consume. In addition, if you intend to use mounted cabinets, ensure that they are customized to fit in the available space.

Last but not least, keep to the minimum the items you intend to bring inside the bathroom. As a means of saving space in an already squeezed bathroom, the dressing area should be moved to the bedroom.