Prince Leather King Size Platform Bed

The newest and most stylish beds around are platform beds. They can be used anywhere and they also have many great features. A bed of this type is more comfortable than the old box spring and mattress. It’s not as common to hear people complaining about backaches in the morning since platforms came out. Their hard smooth surface makes any type of mattress as comfortable as possible. It’s almost as if your mattress is on the floor except that you are elevated and the room looks very chic. Platforms are more common now than before, in fact that is all we see in ads and commercials. Kids can enjoy a beautiful, up to date and stylish bedroom with the variety of different styles designed just for kids.

The idea is very simple, a mattress and a bed frame. As simple as it is designers have managed to come up with various designs that will appeal to children. Different kinds of  single beds, platform bed bunk beds, beds with a trundle, beds with a tent or a cot and even day beds.

All these beds can be with or without trundle. The trundle is also a very interesting piece. You can buy it separately if the bed doesn’t come with one. There are two kinds of trundles  one can choose either one for storage or one for another mattress. A second child can sleep on it or if used for storage a child can store practically all his or her junk. My own child has a storage trundle and has always kept his room clean since he got it.

Bunk beds and day platform beds can also come with the same features as the single and it is all a matter of what is suitable for your situation. The all time favorite for every kid is the bunk with a cot or tent. This makes the bedroom a lot more fun and it makes their imagination go free.