Using this type of flooring is a great way to spruce up a bath or even to completely gut and remodel one

Homeowners are always looking for the best and most economical way to update a bath.  Some like to go with tile while others may want to take their chances with wood.  But what about going with bathroom laminate flooring?  Although it can be used, the question is whether it should be used.

Using this type of flooring is a great way to spruce up a bath or even to completely gut and remodel one.  But the problem isn’t in whether it will look good when the job is finished.  There is concern that this type of material may not hold up to what you normally expect a bath floor to be subjected to.

The main culprit and concern of many home owners is moisture when using a bathroom laminate.  This is the same with virtually any wood floor.  Once the slightest bit of water makes its way between the cracks of the sections of the floor, then it can be almost impossible to get it out.  If it isn’t a large amount then there is a possibility that it will dissipate and dry up completely.  But how much is a safe amount?

Once the moisture seeps down into the particles it will cause them to swell.  This is something that can throw off an entire section of floor with the subsequent buckling.  It is imperative that water is wiped up immediately and not allowed to sit.  Even if you think you have gotten all of it there could still be traces of it down in the grooves causing chaos.

One thing that will help is to place a moisture barrier between the material and the sub-floor. This will allow the wetness somewhere to accumulate instead of only having the boards to go to.  If it is too much water then you will still need to remove the boards and clean it up.

Of course, the best answer is to not use a wood based bathroom laminate flooring.  Today, laminate flooring is made to be used in the bathroom, kitchen and in all sorts of areas where water and moisture could be a problem.  That is one reason it is a good addition to your home gym where you work out on your leg press equipment, treadmill and stair climber.

The reason bathroom laminate is just fine to use is because modern versions are not made with a wood chip or particle board base.  You will find it made from vinyl resins and PVC.  Neither is exactly a problem with water as PVC pipes are made to carry water in plumbing systems.

If you decide to go with this bathroom laminate material then you want to make sure you get one that is going to meet the needs of your home.  While a cost saving product, the old wood based versions may not be best for a family with rambunctious children but do just fine with an older couple.  Do keep in mind that the one you buy is a brand that can be connected and removed if necessary.  Some makes are not designed for removal and will crack and break – most notably at the ends.  If you are not comfortable with the anticipation of having to remove and reinstall it, then bathroom laminate flooring may not be the right choice for your home.