pull your shower curtains aside carefully to protect them from tears

The bathroom curtains are important elements of the bathroom. They dress up the windows and enclose the bathing area. People enjoy more privacy inside the bathroom and they can maintain clean and dry floors thanks to these curtains inside the bathrooms.

The nature of bathrooms does not make it an ideal place for fabric. It is always wet or moist making it easy for mold and mildew to grow and stain the fabric. However, fabric will always be needed in the bathroom for maintenance. This is why we should know how to take care of the curtains in the bathroom to keep them looking presentable despite being in an unlikely environment of the bathroom.

Safe and Proper Installation

Taking care of the curtains in the bathroom begin with proper installation. Choose the curtains that have instruction guides to help you a step at a time when putting up these curtains in the bathroom. If the curtains are installed properly they are more likely to last longer than the ones that were installed without care.

Make sure to clip in, hook, or insert the rings properly on to the curtain. The pole that will hold the curtain should also be strong enough to hold the curtain’s weight. It should also be placed at a height appropriate for the length of the shower curtain.

The bathroom curtain for the bathing area is used to keep water from getting to the other areas of the bathroom. This makes this curtain more prone to mold and mildew. The mold and mildew cannot be prevented so the best way to keep the shower curtain presentable is to change it every once in a while, washing the soiled one immediately to remove the stains.

Shower curtains are usually made from plastic-like fabric. They vary in thickness and the thinner ones can easily be torn if not used properly. Using it properly includes pulling it aside carefully, not tugging it or putting on so much weight or pulling it down causing tears on the part of the curtain where rings are inserted.

Once this part is torn, the curtain cannot be hung properly anymore and so it becomes useless. The same goes with the bathroom curtains installed on windows. This type of curtain is not the main curtain in the bathroom but still it plays the important role of drawing attention to the window no matter how small the window may be.

Functionality or Decoration

The bathroom curtain may seem more of a decorative curtain compared to the fully functional shower enclosures installed on bathing areas but still, this curtain on the window plays an important role in keeping enough privacy for the bathroom. The moist and splashes may still reach this curtain and mold and mildew can still accumulate. Washing and replacing these curtains regularly will keep the curtain looking presentable.

Bathroom curtains will always be important elements in the bathroom. Without them the bathroom will look and feel as cold as the tiled walls and floor. Taking care of them keeps these curtains working well and looking presentable as well.