go from traditional to trendy showers by installing the shower panel

The features of the shower have changed significantly that a regular shower becomes only a basic function. People will always follow trend and technology because along with both comes more convenience, style, and added benefits. However the steps people have to take could sometimes discourage them to go with these changes.


Going with the Trend

A regular bathing area can work well enough to accommodate the features and host the latest functions these new types of showers can offer. You can work with your existing bathing area, but what you need to be able to enjoy the latest trends in the bathroom experience are the latest shower controls.

You don’t have to change your entire bathing area, just install a shower panel with all the latest features you would like to enjoy and you will definitely change your bathing experience. A shower panel can be made of acrylic boards or fiber glass where different kinds of additional control panels can be included.

Easy Change

Installing a shower panel is probably one of the easiest ways to change your bathing area and improve its features. If you are in a hurry to get rid of your average bathing area and improve the way you bathe or use and enjoy your bathroom, then the shower panel is the quick and easy solution.

Take the Essentials

Before installing your shower panel take the needed measurements. Since the shower panels are made from acrylic or fiber glass then they can be custom made to fit into the wall of your bathing area. Don’t measure an area that’s too big and bulky or too small for all the controls and added features to fit. Mark the area where you will be installing the panel.

Once you have the shower panel, align it to the marked area. I would recommend that as you take the measurements for the area, also measure and mark where the water source along with the pipes or faucets go. Have them cut as you order the panel to make it easy for you to install.

Make Sure It Sticks

Next, you need to have a good adhesive that will not absorb the water. When you are in the process of placing the adhesive on the surface, make sure that the surface is completely dry. Turn off the water source to make sure. After the adhesive, use silicon to finally seal the edges of the shower panel to the wall.

Be careful when pushing the panel on to the area of the wall. Make sure to hit and fit the panel into the marked areas. Also, take extra care when removing the plastic cover from the surface of the panel. Finally, install the other parts of the panel such as the knobs, shower heads or jets if they are included. Allow the adhesive to dry before turning on the water to check for leaks.

Achieving the bathing experience and the stylish bathroom you dream of does not have to be expensive or a handful of work. All it takes is proper measurements and wise choices when ordering the shower panel, paired with patience when installing it.