Taking a shower is one of the private activities that people enjoy within the walls of their bathrooms. It is a time for taking care of the body through cleaning and people won’t feel comfortable if they are exposed while scrubbing here and there. But other than privacy, the appeal of the space will also affect people’s bathing experience.

The shower area of the bathroom is a separate space first because, it would be impractical to wet the rest of the bathroom when taking a bath, and people would want to feel that they are in a comfort zone where they can clean up at ease. This space in the bathroom is defined by enclosures.

Shower curtains and aluminum framed doors attached to tiled walls can be forms of enclosures separating the bathing area from the rest of the bathroom. Today, there are different types of enclosures that can be used. Privacy is not just the main purpose of these enclosures, but style and a relaxing atmosphere as well.

Walk in showers are becoming more and more popular nowadays and people have been changing plain showers and the traditional tub into walk in showers. This is because this type of shower has more space, and décor possibilities. People can also maximize the bathroom with walk in showers.

Walk in shower enclosures are also unique. The latest trend in this type of shower is using glass as enclosures. This is not the typical glass held together by a metal frame. In fact, the glass enclosing the bath stands on its own because it’s thick enough and frames are not required.

Glass made walk in shower enclosures is very stylish. It allows natural light to pass through giving the bathing area the warm feel and homey feel. Also, glass creates that open look making the area appear larger, spacious, and not suffocating.

If budget is taken into consideration, a glass shower enclosure may be a little heavy on the pocket. Good thing there is an alternative which will still give the stylish effect of the frameless glass enclosure but is more affordable.

A semi-framed shower glass enclosure can look as good as the frameless one. Because most of it is glass, it still brings in natural light. The metal frames will be holding together the glass which is cheaper than the ones used for the frameless ones. Having the frames will still assure that the enclosure is sturdy enough. The frames will be holding the glass from the corners which means the glass will still be emphasized.

Walk in shower enclosures may be as simple as glass, but it can create and define the look of the bathroom. When people are taking a bath, they want to be surrounded by something clean and refreshing to look at. The proper shower enclosure can have a great effect on the bathroom’s atmosphere. Ideally, it should feel more like a refreshing space rather than a lifeless cubicle. In the end, taste and style will still depend on people’s personality to define the kind of bath they want.

Photo credit: Walk in Shower Shop