Modern Shower

Taking a shower is the time of day or night when we forget about all of the cares of the world and just relax. We emerge feeling refreshed and relaxed. But did you ever stop to consider what might be going on behind the scenes?

We live in a world full of artificial chemicals and solvents, some of which are less than desirable to breathe in, ingest, or apply on our skin. Yet unbeknown to us that is often exactly what occurs when we take a shower.

Consider your shower water, your soap and your shampoo. Shower water contains chlorine that either contacts your skin, or that you breathe in from steam. Soap and shampoo often contain a long laundry list of artificial chemicals, scents, and dyes that we apply on our skin and hair day in and day out, without really knowing the consequences.

Here, then, are three tips for taking a healthier, more natural shower:

1) Use a shower head water filter. Chlorine is used in most municipal water supplies to keep the water clean and bacteria-free. There may be other chemicals as well, such as fluoride. While these chemicals serve a public good, do we really want them on our skin–or worse yet, breathed in when we shower with hot water? Using a shower head water filter minimizes this concern by removing chlorine and other harmful material from the water supply. The water that touches your skin ends up being much cleaner and healthier as a result.

2) Use castile soap. Take a look at the chemicals found in the soap you currently use, and then toss it. Turn instead to castile soap, a much gentler, more natural soap made from olive oil. It will get you just as clean, without the chemical hassles. Better yet it is biodegradable, which other soaps often are not. You therefore also help the environment at the same time.

3) Use organic shampoo. The same concern about soap applies to shampoo. Worse, studies have found chemicals that are definitely harmful to humans in some popular shampoos. Examples include parabens, pthalates, and sodium lauryl sulfates (SLS). Do you really want to absorb these substances through your scalp? Look for an organic shampoo instead, which uses more natural materials and relies less (or not at all) on harmful chemicals.

Taking just a bit of care when taking a shower can ensure that harmful chemicals stay away from your body, skin and hair. You just need to consider the source, and then take action to switch to something that either removes the chemical or doesn’t use it at all. Using a shower filter and more natural or organic shampoos and soaps fit the bill perfectly.