In today’s world window coverings are a great way to add some excitement and creativity to your room

Color is an extremely important factor when it comes to decorating, but it doesn’t just apply to your walls.  Window coverings can make a huge difference in the appearance of your décor and deserve just as much attention in choosing a color scheme as any other part of the room.

Many people stick with traditional, neutral colors for their window coverings, but in today’s world window coverings are a great way to add some excitement and creativity to your room.  Don’t be afraid to grab a color wheel and try out some different and unusual color schemes for your windows; you’ll be surprised how much your décor is affected by mixing different colors and shades.

You can select color combinations of two or more colors; three is generally the rule of thumb, but don’t let that hinder your decision.  You could also choose one color and use varying shades and tones of that same color to create a softer look.  Choosing the perfect color scheme for you windows will have an interesting impact on your room.  By using the color as a focal point, you are able to change the overall feel of a room, making it look warm and inviting or open and spacious.  Bright colors against a lighter background will make the window appear larger and light colors against and darker background will make the window appear smaller.

Colored patterns are also an option available for your window coverings.  Bright, funky patterns can spice up a room with an interesting twist and more traditional patterns can blend into your décor while adding a touch of sophistication.  You can mix patterns with solid colors to help them blend into the décor or you can let the pattern stand alone and become an interesting focal point of your room.

Make sure that you observe how your colors appear at different times of the day with different lighting as this will affect the overall look of your room.  Your window coverings may match perfectly with your décor in the morning with the sun shining, but without the sun at night they might clash terribly with the rest of the room.

And of course, if choosing colors for your window coverings seems too difficult a task, you can always hire a professional interior designer to help you make your color choices or for any other suggestion reguarding your home renovations.