You have to consider also the ability of the rugs to blend well with some other home designs

If you are planning to buy a purple shag area rug, you have to consider the size. Aside from the style and the designs, it is important that you take a look at the size that you want for your home. First of all, if you have bought the wrong size, your plans will totally be destroyed. Aside from that, the size of these purple rugs also determines its price. Thus, if you failed to decide on the best size, you will encounter a problem both on its use and second on the budget.

Talking about the use of these rugs, you have to first take a look at where you plan to place these rugs. If you plan to place one at your doorstep, the rug must not be huge enough. It must be slightly smaller than the opening of the door. If you are planning to place one above particular furniture, you have to make sure that the size of the rug is proportionate to the size of the furniture. After all, its use is to accentuate that furniture. If it is barely seen, it has failed to achieve its purpose.

Aside from that, you have to consider also the ability of the rugs to blend well with some other home designs. If they are too huge and they are not anymore pleasing to the eye, you will certainly be disgusted. You will just end up with a home designs catching the attention of one over the other. If you also think that purple will just make everything look bad, drop it.

Now when it comes to the price, there are sizes that are perfect for the right price. If you know that you have a limited budget, find a rug that will fit your budget and eventually find a place where the said size would match. This simply involves creativity and the ability to deal with situation with grace.

Just don’t forget to check on one more thing.  Is your purple shag kitchen rug washable— because you’ll certainly want it to be.