It is always important to take a look in your actual illumination.

If you have a small apartment, there is no need to worry if you are thinking of a refresh in your decoration, and the space seems too little for your big plans!

Here are some tips and ideas that may help you

1. Get rid of all your interior doors. Or the ones that is OK not to have… Instead of doors you can use curtains. They will give you a big sense of amplitude and you can find great fabrics with almost any pattern to give your apartment a new look.

2. If you have a big refrigerator, maybe its time to substitute it for a smaller one. In some stores you can find models that can be placed under the kitchen cabinet. This will give you a great space in your kitchen.

3. Invest in a good vacuum: good quality and small model.

4. It is always important to take a look in your actual illumination. If you live in a small apartment and want to gain some space, you should prefer wall lamps. This will give you some new circulation space. No matter which style you like the most, you can find lots of great models of this type of lamp: modern, minimalist, eclectic, contemporary, etc.

5. Another good idea is to install some illumination inside the closet. Not only will help you to take a better look of your clothes, shoes, etc. but also will help you to see the mess! Yes! Traditionally we want to hide whats in our closets usually because the mess and clutter we have. In a small apartment there is little space to have doors in you closet, so it is important to always have everything into place. This regular activity will also help you to get rid of some clothes you don’t use anymore… You can take it to a flea market, make a garage sale or donate your clothes to a charity institution.

6. Make a cleaning plan for all your Windows, and do i ton a frequent basis. This way you can always have natural light and your sight wont be obstructed, and mainly your sight will be away of dirt!

7. Invest in some good quality kitchen appliances. It’s a little luxury that will last many years and will help you to avoid continuous shopping of these kind of accessories.

8. Get all your music recorded into your laptop or desktop!. Get rid of tons of Cd’s that are only making your apartment look so little!

9. Review the illumination of each room, use it to revitalize the spaces in need of bright

10. Invite your friends over! People most of the time feels more relaxed and happy in small spaces!!

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