Wooden shutters can instantly update the look and feel of your living space, giving it a modern and attractive flair

Whether the decor in your home is contemporary or conventional, wooden shutters can instantly update the look and feel of your living space, giving it a modern and attractive flair. They provide a great alternative to curtains and blinds, offering many different benefits, including durability and extra insulation. Available in a variety of different styles, you should consider a few things before making your purchase.

The selection available in terms of design, include plantation, cafe and solid wooden shutter. The solid style can be folded back to let in light, while the plantation style has louvers that can be rotated. Cafe style shutters cover the lower half of the window, allowing light to penetrate through the top portion. You should decide which would best suit each window in your home.

It is important to look for quality shutters, since you are going to want them to last for many years. The type of wood you choose can make a huge difference, so consider all your options. Pine, cedar, basswood, maple and oak are popular choices. Exterior wooden shutters are going to be subjected to plenty of wear and tear, so they need to be weather-resistant and waterproof. Think about the climate of your area and which type of wood is best. However though, many home owners have manifested that basswood wooden shutters are the most durable.

Research and planning are imperative. The last thing you want is to end up with the wrong shutters. Once you have decided on the style and type of wood, you need to make certain you take the right measurements.

If you are working with a budget there are cost saving tips you can follow, without having to compromise on quality. Look for discounts and buy shutters made from a cheaper wood. If you install the shutters yourself, you will save on hiring a professional company to do the job for you.

A wooden shutter can be custom-made to your specifications, which means you should not have any problems with awkward spaces and oddly shaped windows. Look around and ask for advice from experts before making your final selection.