Walk in tub shower combos is perfect for the fast paced city life

Living in the city is very stressful. Apart from having to deal with all the noise pollution and the everyday morning commute, you have to wake up early in order to arrive to work on time. If you wake up later than you should, you’d get chewed off by your boss and have bad vibes all throughout your day. I know because I worked for a company before setting up my interior design business. The thing I like least about mornings, however, is the bathroom routine that I have to do every single day for a whole year.

Usual Mornings of Non Walk In Tubs and Showers Owners

If you were like me, you’d know that you have to wake up a few hours before your actual time in. Aside from other employees you have to contend with on your way to work, you have to be early because you’d want to take a bath and prepare yourself, pick a nice set of clothes, and perhaps put some make up on. With the sun not yet up and your entire condominium unit in darkness, having a cold shower would be the best way to bathe and wake yourself up at the same time.


You save space and money by utilizing the dual functioning walk in tub shower combo

Logically, shower setups would be type of bathing implement for weekdays because you need something fast and efficient. You can’t take a bath on your bathtub and lounge around when you still have lots to do in order to prepare and long distances to travel in order to get to work. Beside, a comfortable bath in a bathtub would hardly rouse anyone and would, if ever, further simulate relaxation that might induce you to sleep.

The Advantage of Owning Walk In Tubs and Showers

With walk in tubs and showers, however, you can have the best of both worlds. Every day is not a weekday; for weekends where you want to relax, you should go for a bath on a bath tub, but you can’t do that if you own just a shower set up now could you? Buying a bathtub on top of your shower set up would be impractical because of the cost. Instead of buying two separate bathing implements, purchase a walk in tub shower combo and have everything you one in one smart sanity ware.

Having walk in tubs and showers combo would be a space save for your bathroom since you only have to put one item for two purposes which would have taken twice the space. It is also a money saver since you don’t have to spend more on two bathroom components. As an interior designer, I believe that a walk in tub shower combo is an aesthetically pleasing sanity ware and functional to boot!

Walk in tubs and showers are especially beneficial for the elderly and the disabled

Walk in tub shower combos are also useful for the disabled or the elderly. When people enter bathtubs, they get in by pushing themselves up. Disabled people and the elderly cannot really do that, so have a walk in function is really convenient for them. This also works for us regular people, so we can experience the convenience ourselves. The walk in tub and shower combo is the best addition to any type of bathroom. Trust me, I’m an interior designer. ;)