A pretty way to enhance your entire window is to use curtain tie backs

Window treatments are a personal decision that you must make depending on your choice. There is not really a standard method of picking certain things such as how high your drape falls above your windowsill, how long they are, or whether you will use tie backs or not.

A pretty way to enhance your entire window is to use curtain tie backs to hold the curtains open and let the daylight come inside the room. There are several kinds of styles, patterns, and materials that they are made up of. You might be able to embellish them with your own little touches such as ribbons or beads or even just a nice hook to put on each side of the window to hold the drapes open there. You might even have a choice of several colors. Leather is another choice if you like that and if it fits in with your home decor. Just think about how long they should last because fabric ones may not last near as long as metal or wooden curtain tie backs.

For example, if the hot sun is shining on a ribbon curtain tie back, the ribbon will soon fade and loose its strength. Depending on how heavy the drapes are, you may want to choose tie backs made out of wood or metal even. They will not have any problem with the heavier fabrics, and you will have lots of beautiful sunshine in your home. If you are buying new decorative curtain poles with fancy finials on the ends look to see if matching wood or metal tie backs are also available.

In conclusion, be certain to make sure your tie backs and your window treatments are something that you feel comfortable with and enjoy looking at. Not everyone likes the same fashion that is in the designer’s magazines. Some people may like ultra modern types of curtains and tie backs, and others may choose the more traditional types of draperies. It is up to your choice of what you put in your home, not what the magazines say you should. Not everyone likes lime green or tangerine orange in their home, but others will simply have to have them. There are not really any standards on how to display them in your home, but just use your imagination to do that. You are the one taking your time and spending your money on your home decor, so what you like is by far the most important thing.