Outdoor pool tables are almost essential for those who like to get plenty of sun

Billiards is one of America’s most popular indoor sports. It keeps us busy and amused when in public and is a forum for family time. But what do you do if you want to take this famous pass time outside for a two sided sun and fun day? The answer is simple. Go buy a beautiful outdoor pool table.

Outdoor pool tables are almost essential for those who like to get plenty of sun. An all weather billiard table is the answer. They are built with an all aluminum frame for durability, commercial grade vinyl lines the pockets making them quiet and sturdy. Drop the ball into them thousands of times and still see no wear. The playing field is made with a single slab, slate bed. The lack of seams allows for smooth play and less vibration which is what you want when making that difficult shot. The legs are equipped with stainless steel levelers. These also come with nicely fitted pads to protect your deck or patio area. The clean lines of your table makes it easy to maintain as well.

The table bed and rails are covered with sunbrella fabric. Sunbrella fabric not only comes in many colors to match the decor of your billiards area but is also resistant to stains, mold of all kinds, fading from the sun, rot, and tears. It is easy to clean and lasts well through rain, snow and hot sunny days too.

When you buy a pool table you also have a few accessories to choose from. Of course there are the billiard balls and cue sticks along with chalk squares and brushes, but you can also opt to purchase, now or in the future, additional tops. Convert this family addition into a table tennis game or cover this topper with a cloth and use your pool table as an outdoors table. The height will give you plenty of foot and leg room and after a few good games of billiards you can all settle down for a nice lunch or dinner to complete your day with friends or family.

These tables are under 1000 pounds. It is recommended to have a professional set up and install it to take care of this task. These professionals can recommend several ways to care for and adjust your table after it has settled into its permanent place in your home. They will be very helpful and after they leave you will be left with a lovely game space and years of fun.