Velvet Valances

Window valances have a long history of use in homes going back hundreds of years when they were actually the main window covering in many kitchens. In case you didn’t already know, a valance is a fabric that goes across the top of a window and is typically only a few inches long. So, valances don’t really cover a window as much as they provide some visual appeal to the window and surroundings.

In the past valances were used in favor of full curtains in most homes because fabric was expensive. Housewives would use leftover pieces of expensive fabric to add some decoration and visual appeal to their homes. Cost is no longer a concern when it comes to fabrics so these days you can find valances for windows in every room of a house.

Especially in the kitchen, a lace valance or sheer kitchen valance looks appealing and decorative. This goes for modern style kitchens as well as country kitchens. You can find such a variety of fabrics and colors that there is a valance out there to match any style kitchen.

Valances can also be used together with curtains and this is especially true in the bedroom. Often the curtains are a solid color and using a valance with a bright print adds to the interest of the room. This can be especially useful in children’s rooms and you can find age specific prints to use as valances that tie together the existing décor of the child’s room.

Bathrooms are another room where valances are quite popular. Quite often bathrooms have frosted windows and it is helpful to have a window decoration that won’t block the natural light. A valance is the perfect solution since it simply sits at the top of the window without blocking the incoming light. It is even possible to find valances for the bathroom that match your shower curtains or floor coverings.

In the case of a formal room such as a living room or dining room it can make sense to use richer fabrics like silks or velvets to create a formal atmosphere. Quite often these are in darker shades, which will provide a sense of closeness or intimacy in the room.

As you can see, a window valance can add interest to any room of your house. And with the immense variety of fabrics and colors to choose from you should easily be able to make each window in your home more interesting and attractive.