Ergonomics is the science of designing equipment to adapt to the workplace and humans in order to lessen discomfort and fatigue

Working in the office eight hours a day is not easy; sitting in a chair in the office while you work for that long can be pure torture if you are uncomfortable. Your legs start feeling numb, you back starts to spasm, then your neck is stiff beyond belief. All these things can happen simply because of the wrong type of sitting position. Your work becomes affected and you become less productive. However, science and technology have brought about a wonderful solution to this – ergonomic chairs.

Ergonomics is the science of designing equipment to adapt to the workplace and humans in order to lessen discomfort and fatigue. Without discomfort, there one can be much more productive. Instead of workers adapting to the equipment which will have a negative physical effect over time on their bodies and thus productivity, ergonomics adapt to the physical elements of a workspace to the worker.  So ergonomic chairs are very important if a job requires long periods in front of the computer or behind a desk.

One of the unique features of ergonomic chairs is contour, meaning the chair is designed to follow the curve of the back and hindquarters of a worker. The lower half of the back rest is usually arced forward to properly support the slight curvature of the lower back. It’s important a worker to have good posture and be comfortable while sitting. The next most important feature is the ability of the ergonomic chair to be adjusted. The height can be manipulated so that the feet can reach the floor, while the arms can rest comfortably on the desk. The depth of the seat is to ensure that the legs will not be close to the seat which can cause lessened blood circulation.

There are other pieces of office or work equipment that have been ergonomically designed to help workers in the such as ergonomic computer keyboards.  These help avoid the development of carpal tunnel syndrome which can be caused by typing.  It all contributes to make work more efficient in the office space. But having ergonomic chairs is more important because even if you have other ergonomically designed equipment around – you’ll just end up continuously fidgeting in your seat – which in turn will lessen a your productivity.

Now that you understand the importance of an ergonomic chair, don’t waste any more time and find a way to get one. Be sure to check out different materials and designs to find one that is suitable for you. If you don’t have one in your office, suggest it to your boss and a way to improve your productivity.