Farm house and “fancy” don’t usually go hand in hand. People expect them to be really rugged and rustic, giving more emphasis or function than style. However, Swedish-German architect Jonas Labbe and Dutch architect Johannes Schotanus has come up with a Farm house project in Skane that keeps the traditional feel of the house with a splash of vibrant colors.

The architects came up with this subtle transformation, keeping the traditional earthy feel of the farm house. The rustic and rugged feel is also kept but now with the changes, you also get a hint of the contemporary concept that’s up to date and modern.

Certain features such as the exposed beams, rustic wooden floors, and of course the fireplace in the center keeps the house very warm and cozy as a farm house should be. The tub in the bathroom with it’s traditional “claw-feet” complete that country style relaxation. The wood used in this house is allowed to expose its natural beauty, giving the interiors a very authentic feel.

Style brushes against the tradition with ease as the natural facade of the pine wood is paired up with several “highlight” walls and shelves painted in vibrant orange and blue. Again, here we see how much influence color has over the character of our homes. Because of the surprising colored walls, the farm house loses the monochromatic-all-wood theme and gets some spice!

The interior is left to have very open space with only a few basic fixtures. With the large windows, and the natural surroundings, you can’t miss to feel really relaxed and refreshed. Adding color to tradition, isn’t a big change but it is quite a stylish improvement.