Christmas is in the air again

When choosing what to write about this morning, my hand passed over carports, light fixtures, lamps, and garage door openers and my eyes rested on the outdoor Christmas lights and decorations that I had been planning to write about. I love Christmas. With the lights and the ornaments, toy trains, snowmen, and Nativity scenes I knew I just the thing to think about for a Saturday morning.

Some trains I have seen set up in yards are constructed with an engine and then several cars behind it. Some only have lights around the edges. Others have holographic panels and also lights. What is a holographic panel? That’s a good question. I didn’t know what it was at first either. A holographic panel is basically a panel with a picture applied to it so that the decoration will show up during the day. Then the lights at night also accent the panel and make it visible in the darkness. One twenty foot long train that I saw recently had lights that turned mimicking the rotation of a wheel. With the use of the light control the sequence of lights could be sped up or slowed down as desired. The rest of the lights just held steady or blinked off and on. These are normally fairly expensive outside Christmas decorations.

Almost always in a neighborhood someone chooses a theme such as Peanuts for their yard. You might see a Snoopy Santa Claus, and a Charlie Brown and Marcy Nativity Scene. One display that I saw in a wide bay window was made up of multiple Disney Characters. Mickey Mouse and Mini Mouse where there. Donald Duck and Goofy, Sylvester and Tweedy were all taking in the traffic as they passed by. The action figures drew the most attention. Mickey was ringing a bell and Donald was moving a lantern back and forth.

Many people just choose to place outdoor Christmas lights in trees. With just a little bit of time and an extension cord, the lights can be strung around for all the world to see. One easy avenue that also makes for a nice touch, is to go out and double or triple the amount of light strings you were planning to add to a tree. This gives a much fuller look.

Outdoor Christmas Decorations just make the season seem even brighter with making trees shine, lights dance, and even reindeer soaring in the air.