Upholstered dining chairs add character and give you a comfortable place to sit, while being easy to clean and durable.

When it comes to your dining room, there really is no option better than upholstered chairs.  They add character and give you a comfortable place to sit, while being easy to clean and durable.  But what materials are best?  There are many options.  Here are the best choices that you have for your upholstered dining chairs.

First, you have to choose the fabric that your chair is upholstered in.  The options include natural fibers, such as cotton, linen, or silk. These tend to be more comfortable, but they are also more easily damaged by sunlight, and so may not be a good choice if you are looking for outdoor chairs.  Synthetic fibers are another options.  This includes polyester and nylon.  These are more durable, and are often blended with natural fibers.

Underneath the upholstery, there should be some sort of batting or padding.  This will keep the fabric from wearing due to contact with the wood, and also make the chair more comfortable.  You may prefer a thin layer of cotton or flannel, or you may want a thicker foam padding.  The cheapest choice for foam padding is a polyurathane cushion, which will be soft and comfortable, and suitable for most chairs.  You may also want to go with a more luxurious box cushion or down/feather seat.

Having a good frame is important, too.  Hardwoods, such as oak or maple, are best.  The wood frame has to be durable, and solidly constructed.  You should also choose a wood that is in a color that blends well with your other furnishings.  For example, if you have a light colored drop leaf dining table, then dark wood frames on your chairs will create a clashing style.  Look carefully at the color, grain, and finish of the wood to make sure that it will blend well.

After you know what materials you want for your upholstered dining chairs, then you can start looking for the styles, patterns, and colors that suit your room best.  Take your time, and choose your chairs carefully, and you can create a dining room that everyone will love spending time in.