Lingerie chests are made of different materials like wood, glass, plastic or fiberboard

Most women’s dilemma is keeping their personal clothing items in a neat and safe way. Lingerie, hankies, scarves, and stockings are the most difficult to keep arranged inside the closet. These items are small and difficult to fold, stack or pile. The lingerie chest may be the answer to this problem. But which chest or drawer is really best at keeping personal clothing items?

Lingerie chests are made of different materials. There are those made in wood, glass, plastic or fiberboard. The cost of the furniture largely depends on the kind of material so depending on your budget you may opt to have the high end lingerie drawers and chest made of hardwood or you can choose to have the very affordable plastics or fiberboard.

Wooden chests can last for many years. It may even outlast your life letting you pass the item to the generation next to you. They have also excellent protective properties so you can be confident that your intimate apparels are being kept from mildew, dust and insects. Because of this, they are also quite expensive. They are heavy, too. You cannot easily move them anywhere around you room without additional help.

Plastic and fiberboard are light, that is, literally and price wise. They are good if you are living temporarily in rented places and are constant on the move. But fiber boards are coarse and may destroy the delicate fabric of your personal apparels and plastic gets thwarted after some time so eventually they cannot protect your things anymore from dust, moisture, or insects.

For longer keeps and yet also affordable to have, your best choice would be the mirrored lingerie chests. They are made of tempered glass which are as durable as wood but not as expensive. They are also not as heavy as wood so you can arrange and re-arrange them anytime you want. There are mirrored chests that incorporate wood, metal, and veneer. These furniture pieces also come less expensive than hardwood. Some designs of these mirror lingerie chest pieces are so sleek that they can be used as stand-alone decorative items so you can actually display your personal clothing storage while keeping your personal items neatly and safely tucked inside.