Meet the comfort needs of your guests by choosing the right guest beds

Remember when you used to host slumber parties and all your guests opted to sleep on the floor than on a bed because that would be a lot of fun? You only had to worry about having enough mats and sleeping bags to accommodate your friends. Well, now that those days are over you have more than sleeping bags to think about when guests stay in your home.

You’d be lucky if your in-laws agreed to have a slumber party whenever they come to visit, but I doubt if everyone can even picture out the set up. And so as we leave behind the slumber party-sleeping bag stage of our lives the formalities come in and we have to provide our guests with a more decent and presentable accommodation.

Some people may feel that a spare room for guests might be unnecessary. However, if you are the type of person who love to entertain guests or your business and lifestyle requires you to accommodate guests regularly, then having a guest room will not only be a plus factor for your home, it now becomes a need.

When putting together a guest room you should really focus on the bed. It’s okay to get excited about the shade of paint to use on the wall or to make the room really stylish with all the added furniture and fixture, but never forget that the room can do without all these except the bed.

Think “Hotel Accommodation”

Choosing a guest bed is just like making a hotel room. Along with creating this room, you also have to decide the nature of the guest room to get the appropriate guest bed. You could picture a hotel with different rooms with different functions. The guest bed can be a single, it could be for two or a double, or it could accommodate more people and have a dorm-like feel.

Base on the Bed

The way to achieve this will depend on the type of bed you choose. If you only accommodate one guest at a time then you can have a single guest bed, but you may want to go for the trundle bed so you can roll out a spare bed from beneath the main bed in case you have more guests to accommodate at the same time.

Expect More

Getting a guest bed for a double accommodation is easy. Simply get a queen sized bed appropriate for the room. However, it would also be safe to assume that not all your guests are couples or close enough to sleep on the same bed so instead of one bed, go for two singles, positioned opposite each other in the room. Though they may have to share the same room, your guests will still enjoy having their own personal space to sleep in.

Dorm Type

What else can give any bedroom a dorm-room feel than bunk beds? These guest beds work best for vacation cabins where you bring a lot of guests over to a summer cottage. Though there won’t be enough bedrooms, enough bed spaces will surely accommodate and provide the kind of comfort your guests hope for.

Comfort is Key

Guest beds are about giving your guests comfort when they are away from the comfort they are familiar with in their own homes. When choosing the right guest bed, remember to try and put yourself in your guests shoes. Don’t just think about how they will appreciate your sense of style reflected on the arrangement of the guest room but think more of how they would feel when they are in the room.