Outdoor lights that operate on solar power absorb the sun's energy through their solar panels

The sun’s power lights and warms our world. In today’s energy and environmentally conscious world, stored solar power also provides the current to heat and light our houses and businesses. Large solar panels are needed to collect and store enough energy to provide power for an entire house. Much simpler and more compact system can collect energy and power outdoor lighting. When solar powered outdoor lighting was introduced years ago, the cost of this new innovation was beyond the pocketbooks of many homeowners. Now there are beautiful solar lighting products available for any budget. As these products have become readily available their cost has decreases dramatically.

The most basic types of outdoor solar lighting available are simple strings of outdoor solar powered lights. Similar to strings of lights for Christmas trees, these outdoor string lights are available in different lengths. They have no plug as their power source is the sun. Wrapped around tree trunks and strung through branches of trees and bushes in the backyard, they transform the space into a fairyland when the sun goes down. Great for striking the right atmosphere when entertaining family and friends garden string lights will add the perfect touch to anything from drinks in the garden to backyard barbeques.

Outdoor lights that operate on solar power absorb the sun’s energy through their solar panels during the day and transform it into electricity which is stored in their power cells until used. Unlike other means of generating electricity, solar power emits no C02 whatsoever, making them completely safe for the environment. The bulbs used in solar light strings are LED bulbs that provide more candlepower per watt than standard bulbs creating brighter light. These bulbs have an extremely long life. Wall mounted outdoor lights and even pole mounted security lights are available in a solar powered version.

Other solar lights available for outdoor use include walkway lights that are installed by placing their stakes in the ground along sidewalks. These lights are strung together in sets of ten to twelve. The lights come on automatically when it becomes dark outside, providing a lighted walkway when a homeowner returns to the house after dark. Sometimes homeowners limit the amount of time they keep lighting turn on in their year because of the expense for the electricity being used. Solar lights end that problem With the savings in electricity costs and replacement light bulbs over standard lighting products, all homeowners can do their part towards energy efficiency and green living.