Leather beds are inexpensive because, unlike wood or metal beds they do not have to be cut or molded

Some twenty or so years ago, it would be very difficult to find a leather bed, these days they are everywhere from your kid’s bedroom to five star resorts. Exactly what is it that makes these elegant beds  perfect for modern design? It’s obvious really, it is mostly because of price and fashion.

Quite a few people mistakenly believe that leather beds are just for the rich, and this could not be more wrong. You can still grab a new artificial leather bed for only one hundred dollars. When you put it in this context and you think about other types of beds available at this price, you can understand why people choose this bed over the other options.

Leather beds are inexpensive because, unlike wood or metal beds they do not have to be cut or molded into particular shapes, because the bed itself is covered with skin so it means that you really can not see under the bed. It comes with another added advantage, as wood or metal should not be finished or painted it saves man-hours, resulting in lower costs even more, not only that, but it can use more cost-effective and less desirable wood, which are more durable to use even though they may not look as good.

Leather beds come in two variants – one generated from an artificial leather and the other from real leather. Faux leather is cheaper as it is synthetically made from synthetic fibers and stitched together to make leather like material, authoritative and well-developed artificial skin will look and feel very well like the real thing, only the part that is missing is that it does not smell like unique skin.

Authentic leather bed frames are constructed from Hyde animals, usually cattle, like cows. Raw materials are processed using a procedure called tanning, this is what gives skin its unique aroma. Number of animal rights group condoned the use of leather for fashion and furnishings, as an artificial skin looks and feels just as well without having to harm animals in the next, if you realize this, then you can buy an artificial leather bed

Leather beds are becoming increasingly popular as a result of their low cost, rugged design, and because there is a wide range of styles, colors and sizes to choose from, plus they fit in perfectly with modern design. Because of their incredible ability to work in any number of parameters, whether in a modern house, or perhaps more traditionally designed rooms, leather beds are perfect for almost any situation.