The growth of number of pools increased the demand for utilities maintenance for swimming pools.

It has grown considerably and the construction of swimming pools or swimming pools at home or weekend home, to make life more enjoyable and recreational.

The number of pools per capita has grown significantly and this growth has greatly increased the demand for utilities maintenance, and sale of components for swimming pools, so that in some areas there are companies that can not cope in meet their demand for services.

This venture is very profitable and consistently presented to the eyes of a good entrepreneur importanteoportunidad of business with high demand and continuity.

The user of pools is that at first the care itself becomes fun and takes it as a hobby, but soon after the opening has passed its swimming pool, you see that your time is scarce and so are limited their knowledge about water maintenance to keep it in good condition for use and enjoyment of family and friends.

The main problems in the maintenance of swimming pools for the owner are: the turbidity of water, excess chlorine, the accumulation of debris on the surface and bottom of the pool, lack of proper pump application, the elements and, cleaning the sink, the effective use and combination of products on the market for water maintenance etc.

This is where the owner of the pool or pool, try to hire an efficient maintenance service, which solves both water conservation work, such as obtaining maintenance products.

Along with the service, as part of the same or separate, the venture may include the sale of chlorine, reducing or increasing pH of the pool, pumps, filters, water purifiers, barrefondos, brushes, and also paint service swimming pools maintenance annually within or outside of it, you can offer a thorough cleaning and painting the pool complete.

Through a monthly fee that is commensurate to the periodicity of maintenance of the pool, doing well your bills of costs, inputs, chemicals, cleaning and other elements of your time considering you can get a customer base constant growth that will provide a considerable source of income from independent activity is profitable.

Over time you should evaluate making a helper, as your application maintenance services to grow, as this will directly impact your costs.

You can spread your services through magazines neighborhood, with your own website, flyers, brochures, posters and signs, etc, by such means as offering servicing and cleaning of pools, such as the sale of chlorine and maintenance and cleaning swimming pools.