taking care of your bedroom wardrobe is equal to taking care of your clothes twice

The most basic as well as important role of our bedroom wardrobe is to be a storage ware especially for our clothes. Having a wardrobe for our clothes is just the same as having a room of your own. This way the clothes do not get misplaced, they don’t get into clutter and they are taken care of and kept in better condition longer.

Wardrobe Benefits

I myself am really happy to have a bedroom wardrobe. It allows me to keep my room looking like a bedroom instead of something in between a walk in closet and a place to sleep in. It’s really easy to rely on this furniture for keeping my clothes but then something happened that made me realize I should take care of my bedroom wardrobe as well.

Wardrobe Neglect

When I’m in a hurry I have the tendency to just pull out what I want to wear for wherever I’m going. As I pull out a top or my jeans everything else tags along –and so there goes several hours of folding, arranging and neatly piling my clothes. At times when I have friends over and I have no time to clean, I shove everything into the wardrobe.

Sometimes because of my carelessness I tend to shove in my wet towels or soiled clothes. The result? Mold, mildew and sorry if this is gross but, I even found roaches’ eggs. I know you might be sick by now but so am I. believe me, writing this is quite more difficult than reading it.

Anyway, seeing that my instant cleaning, or should I say “shoving”, has paid off significantly, I realized that my ever reliable bedroom wardrobe also relies on me to take care of it. The things I do and keep in the wardrobe will significantly affect its condition and exposure to damages and I need to do my part in cleaning it.

This made me realized that the wardrobe or closets for our clothes is an ideal home for these things to grow in. Because they are closed most of the time and the clothes fill them, the inside of the wardrobe is dark. The clothes offer just enough warmth and shoving in something like a wet towel and soiled clothes is like fertilizer.

Cleaning Out

So unintentionally I created a green house for these pests. There was no other way to face this dilemma but to clean everything out. Clean out the dust, wipe the mold and mildew out. To clean the corners thoroughly I had to wash them with Lysol. Now I have a scheduled clean up of my wardrobe twice a month. Beside the wardrobe I have a basket for my soiled stuff so even when I’m in a rush to clean they’ll have a place to be kept in.

Good thing I discovered the condition of my wardrobe earlier or my clothes would have been stained and smoking with stench. You should do the same. Try and see what lies on the corners or crawling in your wardrobe. Trust me, you don’t want to be looking pretty but then you smell like roaches. Take care of your wardrobe so you take care of your clothes as well. The benefits all return to you, it surely did to me.