Decorating the mantel for Christmas can enhance the mood of your home

When the Holiday Season is in full force, homes become entertainment centers for friends and family. The fireplace usually becomes a focal point in the living room and guests are drawn to its warmth and comfort. Decorating the mantel for Christmas can enhance the mood, and create an environment that invites intimacy and conversation. Using festive Christmas decorations enliven a room and offer an invitation for merriment.

Traditionally mantels are decorated for Christmas using a strong focal point in the center with cards, candles, or other decorations on each end. Matching a mantel décor to a tabletop centerpiece can draw the yes of your guest downwards or across the room to a beautiful buffet elegantly arranged for dinner or appetizers.

Using the Victorian Era as a theme for mantel and table top Christmas decorations can give a sophisticated and elegant polished look to your Holiday décor. The elements of a Victorian mantel centerpiece would be created using angels, Saint Nicholas figurines, taper candles, ornate gold, silver, or beaded ribbons and bows, entwined with evergreen boughs and holly branches.

The warmth and comfort of a Country Christmas theme, would be accomplished with snows villages on a mantel, or scenes with bowls of red and green ornaments, balls, candles, small table top Christmas trees, or even miniature sleighs filled with even tinier gifts.

For a more contemporary mantel for Christmas place a single focal point and leave the rest bare. A beautiful willow branch or grape vine, that has been painted white, or a single white dove in flight position can make a startling statement.
A long piece of evergreen garland can be laid across a mantel, and allow to hang down on either side for a lovely soft appearance.

Add bells, ornaments, and other colorful embellishments along the mantel, or leave the garland to stand alone. Place a large evergreen swag above the mantel and let the mantel become the bottom of a vignette using other items to add depth to the height of the swag. Decorating a mantel for Christmas can be fun, and beautiful.