Having a small bathroom makes the job of designing it a lot easier

I’ve said it before a lot of times and I’ll say it again; a small bathroom is not necessarily a curse if you know what to do with it. In fact, in many respects, a small bathroom has its distinct advantages over normal sized bathrooms because smaller bathrooms are easier to clean and maintain, as well as design and adorn. Remember, bathrooms aren’t bedrooms that you spend the whole day in. As long as you are able to do your bathroom business comfortably, your bathroom is not small enough.

Cool Bathroom Design Ideas for Small Bathroom

What you’re trying to do when you design your small bathroom is to turn the notion of ‘crowded’ to ‘cozy’. It’s not so hard if you have an idea of what your regular bathroom users would be like. As an interior designer, a make it a point to be friends with my clients and get to know them well so that I’d know how to design their bathrooms accordingly Even small bathroom can be made to fit the tastes of a whole household if you know what particular fancy to tickle.

Any bathroom can be transformed into a cozy comfort room

One thing that all types of people from different age groups dig is aromatherapy. If you’re not into aromatherapy, it’s either there’s something wrong with your nose or you haven’t tried it. I’m telling you, bathroom scents are way better than those cheap bathroom deodorants you buy in grocery stores and supermarkets. I personally suggest mint or lavender.

Bathroom Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms in Your Home

Then again, if you just utilize mint or lavender in your small bathroom, you don’t really improve the aesthetic because it will still look small. As such, try utilizing wall mirrors for your small bathroom. Apart from helping you in your grooming routines, wall mirrors help create the illusion of space by reflecting the other side of the bathroom. The effect is a seemingly bigger bathroom space, thanks to the reflection by your handy dandy wall mirror.

Functionality and beauty is the key to any bathroom regardless of its size

You can also try arranging the layout of your small bathroom by taking advantage of the space between your bathroom furniture. Instead of putting your shower, toilet, and sink in equidistant points of each other, try clumping two at a time together but separating the clumps at both ends of the room. That way, people are able to notice the large open space in between, creating the illusion and spectacle of space.

The worth of a bathroom is not how big or beautiful it is but how efficiently it clean or relieve people of the business they have to take care of. Be that as it may, beauty should not only be a plus but it should, instead, go hand in hand with functionality. The secret to true beauty is being functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. This applies to bathroom designs for small bathroom spaces, as well as everything else.