What most people don’t know is that knowing what soil you have can be done for free with a little ingenuity and patience

If  you have ever been half serious about having a garden then you know that you must get a top soil analysis to provide you with the information necessary so that you can supplement your soil to provide the proper ph and nutrients needed for your plants. What most people know is that it can get a little expensive when it comes to this process but what most people don’t know is that it can be done for free with a little ingenuity and patience.
There are really only three things that you are going to need and they are a shovel a glass jug filled with water and a computer. To get started all that you need to do is go out the spot that you have selected to garden and assuming that the grass is already gone and you have plowed up your soil get a good shovel full and place as much of it in jar as you can. Close up the lid on the jar and give it a good shake, mixing up as much of the muck as possible. Now all that you to do with the jar is set it somewhere that it will be easy to see the contents and where it will not be disturbed as the whole key here is for the contents to completely settle and separate. Here is where the computer comes in, all that you have to do is look up and print out a diagram that shows the different aspects of the soil. You will want to find one that has silt, sand and clay. There are a lot out there but for the most part they are all about the same. Once your jar contents have settled shouldn’t take that long maybe a couple of hours look and see what is in your jar. The contents at the very bottom of the jar are clay, the contents above that are sand and the contents floating onto of the water are silt. Now look and see what percent of each you have to tell what kind of soil that you have and what you need to add to get the kind of soil that you need for your specific plants. for more on this topic and other garden topics such as LED grow lights, pruning, composting, leaf mold and others check out top LED grow lights.