Gas fireplaces will erase that worry from your mind, making you want to light them every day.

We suppose you are reading this article because you are either considering to buy a gas fireplace or because you are already looking for specific models. Maybe you do own an existing wood fireplace, which -like many other of these traditional hearths everywhere- is rarely ever used. Like many people who are thinking about finally saying goodbye to wood and switching to a gas fireplace, you are wondering: what is the one reason that convinced today’s gas fireplace owners to buy one of these products? The answer is simple: convenience of operation.

First and foremost, there will be no more worries about firewood. Buying or collecting firewood yourself, chopping logs and carrying them into your living room, spreading dirt everywhere will be a thing of the past. Gas fireplaces will erase that worry from your mind, making you want to light them every day.

Second, their instant on/off feature will change the way you think about using your fireplace. Starting the gas flame is just a matter of creating an ignition spark – seconds later your fire will be up and running. Extinguishing the fire is also just a matter of shutting the main gas valve and the fire and the heat will be gone immediately.

Cleaning your fireplace will be incredibly easy. No more chimney and firebox cleaning will be required – in fact, the most efficient gas fireplace inserts use a ventless design that even eliminates the need for a chimney. With a correctly adjusted air/gas ratio in the burner, almost no soot will be produced and only the front glass panel will need to be cleaned occasionally. Incidentally, this will also decrease the gas fireplace repair need significantly.

If you look at these arguments, it becomes understandable that convenience is main reason people switch to gas fireplaces. This is especially true for people with a full work day or living in urban areas for whom a gas fireplace is the best option that will increase the pleasure their fireplace will bring them. And since this is the main goal that most owners have for their fireplace, convenience is definitely the top reason to own a gas fireplace.