Find the right flooring for your garage

A house’s garage can be subject to some of the worst conditions of any part of a home. It can be dirty, wet and exposed to an extreme amount of wear and tear from its use as a storage area, workshop, laundry room and catch-all for paint, motor oil, harsh chemicals and garden tools. The versatile garage can also serve double duty as extra living space, or is used regularly for special projects that require it to be a bit more comfortable and attractive than the common garage. One great way to increase the comfort and visual appeal is to refresh it with garage floor tiles or other options for garage flooring.

For many years the only practical means of beautifying and refreshing a concrete garage floor was to coat if with an epoxy garage floor paint. It can still be a very viable option for those who would like to maintain the hard surface and working options that concrete has to offer. These are any number of choices of colors available, and floor paint is far more user friendly than it used to be.

Floor mats are another nice choice for those who would like a more cushioned surface in the garage. They can come with different degrees of padding, enabling a person to have a slightly softer feel beneath their feet, or something that will allow them to kneel for long periods of time with limited discomfort. Many are quite durable, able to stand up to the use of chemicals and strong cleansers and can be hosed clean.

One of the simplest and most attractive options for renewed flooring is the use of garage floor tiles. They are available in a wide variety of colors and styles and can be very easy to install. They come with an adhesive backing, and can be pressed into place on a clean surface. This is a great option for those who appreciate the convenience of covering only a part of the floor, or who have limited time to install one all at once, as it allows for breaking up the job as needed.

Garage floor tile is available with a traditional smooth surface or as carpet tile, which can serve to beautify and provide extra padding and insulation. These specialty tiles are built for heavy duty use, making them ideal for any conditions. Garage floor tiles can be an easy and economical way to transform a garage into whatever type of space you desire.