Modern Closet Storage Solutions

I could probably talk for days about different systems and techniques for organizing small closets, so that you get the maximum amount of use from a limited number of small spaces.  In this article I am going to focus my energy on three systems which are all valid systems on their own, but different situations will determine which system will actually work best for your space and lifestyle.

The first way that I will talk about is the system of organizing your stuff just by location. This means that you may not always store everything that is related in one closet, but you instead find the closet which is closest to where you will need those items.  A clear example of this is the front door hall closet – you would obviously store your outerwear and boots and shoes there, but if you are sorting by location, then it might also mean that you store your golf bag if you are a weekly golfer, and your leather care products, since this is where you will be using them, rather than storing them under the sink with all the other cleaning supplies.

The second way that I find is an easy organization system to setup and maintain is to sort thing by purpose, and use a separate closet for each set of related items. This allows you to very easily categorize items by its type and know immediately where to find it, and where it belongs when it comes time to put it away. An example of organizing by system would be to store all linens in one closet, regardless or whether they are for the bathrooms, kitchen or even rags for cleaning the garage and basement. Similarly, instead of having kitchen cleaners in the kitchen, and bathroom cleaners in the bathroom, and floor cleaners at the top of the basement stairs, you would put all household cleaning items in one central spot.

The last of the closet organization systems that I find helpful to organize small closets is to organize thing by season. At any given time of year you will probably only need to access a small portion of your stuff, and that stuff tends to be very seasonal. A great way to store these things is to put things that are out of season at the back of your closet, and the current season items will be rotated to the front of your closet. This will almost effectively double the apparent space that you have available, since your closets now hold double the stuff, but they still work because only half needs to be properly spaced and accessible.

I hope these three systems have given you some new ideas about how to maximize the effectiveness of your small closet organization efforts.