Try Using a Pink Rug

Pink is a color equivalent to beauty. People who appreciate beauty must not only be beautiful themselves, the place they live in should be a manifestation of beauty as well. Most of the time people focus more on their wardrobe – how they look. This is why at times they have the misconceptions that the colors they usually use for their clothes may not work as well for their interiors.

One of these colors would probably be pink. You could easily picture out a little girl’s bedroom with pink walls matched with pink bedding and topped off with pink curtains. However, try to imagine this concept for a living room. Think you’ll be able to handle it? You may just want to stick with the pink bedroom right?

Think Pink

It’s not that pink does not qualify as a color to be used for the living room or other common rooms in the house. However, loud colors like pink should be given much thought if chosen to be used for the interior of the house. Also, any color will always have an alternative shade that you can use. You can always go for the ones that are not as loud as the one you’d like to avoid.

Pink can be used in minor fixtures and can work as an element to draw attention and to give the room a breaker. Too much of neutral can also be heavy or boring to look at. Having a little color off the concept can help to keep the room looking interesting, giving the something to look at.

Break the Boredom

A pink rug can give the neutral room its much needed breaker. With the right shade of pink, using it for a rug can really work for any room. Other than breaking the boredom of the neutral colors, this pink colored rug can also be used for drawing attention to the floor or to designate a particular area in the room.

Using pink as a rug can also balance strong colors in the room especially if the pink used is a softer shade. The furniture may have a very dark or heavy shade and a pink colored rug can lighten not just the look of the furniture but the feeling that these heavy colored furniture brings.
You can always make a pink rug work for any part of your house. A color that literally says the word beautiful should not only be given roles in bedrooms and rooms that are rarely used. This can be an asset to any room.

Create Distinct Spaces

Often times when a single room has different areas with different functions, an area rug is the best way to give every area a designated space. Using area rugs is much better than using dividers which eats up more space instead of creating an open and bigger area.

Don’t be scared to use pink for your interior fixtures and furnishings. Remember what pink as a color means and use this to your advantage. You’ll be surprised what a little pinch of pink here and there can do to your home.