It is this unique quality that makes them even more sought after by rug lovers.

Some of us have never seen a Gabbeh rug while others are quite familiar with the item. This specific floor covering is made in Iran, and are hand woven by tribal womenfolk from various tribes like the Qashqai, Kurdish and Luri tribes.

The term Gabbeh actually refers to something raw, natural and uncut, and that is what you will get with these pieces. If you go through any type of Gabbeh rugs sale you will see that these pieces are coarsely hand woven or hand knotted. And it is this unrefined appearance that adds to the attraction of these pieces.

A fact that not many people are aware of is that these Gabbeh pieces were never made for any commercial use. They were hand woven by these tribal women for their own use and are therefore very personal to these women. It is this unique quality that makes them even more sought after by rug lovers.

How does the Gabbeh rug look like? It has a very thick pile and uses a low density weaving, which gives it its coarse appearance. Generally if you look at any Gabbeh rugs sale, you will see that the motifs and designs of these pieces are made up of geometrical and symbolic motifs, many of which represent everyday objects like people and animals. The pieces depict a scene or landscape, and thus have a directional type of layout.

Colors of these Gabbeh pieces are bright, as these colors come from natural dyes made from plants and vegetables. You will see the use of blue, yellow and red being most common. In a large piece you may also come across some color discrepancies as some parts of these pieces may have variegated effects. This comes about due to the natural qualities of the dye and the handspun wool.

The beauty of these Gabbeh pieces is that they are all natural and made by hand. So if you want to find these pieces in the market make sure that they are the original authentic pieces as there are many imitators out there. Get your piece from a reputable retailer. Make sure that it is made from wool and not cotton. Also see that the dyes are natural and not chemicals, and that the rug comes from Iran.

Gabbeh rugs are truly attractive. Thanks to the way they were made no two pieces are exactly alike. Their unique looks and qualities make them a great addition to any home.