A truly authentic Tibetan rug is made from wool.

These days more and more people are looking for traditional floor pieces to be used at home. Thankfully there are many types of traditional floor coverings that can be found from different parts of the world. One of these includes the Tibetan floor rugs. These pieces can make your home look sophisticated and artistic, depending on the type that you get.

It can be a challenge to look through a Tibetan rugs sale and to try to find something that would not only look great in your home but also something that suits your budget. So how much can you expect to pay for any of these Tibetan floor coverings that you can find in the stores today?

A truly authentic Tibetan rug is made from wool. This wool is then hand knotted into a floor piece. As you can imagine, the process of producing one piece can take quite some time, as everything is done manually. These antique pieces will be priced at thousands of dollars, depending on its size and when it was made. A 7×11 late nineteenth century piece can cost you around nineteen thousand dollars.

If a truly antique piece is beyond your budget, then you can also find authentic pieces which are still traditional in terms of designs. These pieces will still cost you a tidy sum of money, but will not be as expensive as the antique pieces. Again, the prices will vary according to the size of the piece and the design, but you can expect to pay several hundred to several thousand dollars for a piece. An 8×10 piece for example can cost you anywhere from two to twelve thousand dollars.

Another category for you to consider when looking at any Tibetan rugs sale is the contemporary pieces. These pieces still retain their old world charm and simplistic designs. However these designs have been renewed to reflect more contemporary tastes. Materials used are wool with some silk accents. These 8×10 pieces can cost you anywhere between one to three thousand dollars.

Tibetan rugs can be found at different prices depending on its size, as well as its age. Antique pieces will cost you the most while the contemporary ones are the most affordable.