enjoy uninterrupted sleep anytime of the day by installing black blinds

Don’t you just wish everyone’s body clock and bedtime would be synchronized? This way your neighbors would turn off their lights the same time you would. And how about afternoon naps? If there’s one thing I’d really want to do so I may finally get a good afternoon nap, it would be to find the switch to the sun. But since this would be scientifically impossible I’d have to narrow down my options for solving my problem.

It’s not impossible to sleep in bright rooms or areas however the comfort your eyes get is affected. Try sleeping in a pitch black room and you’ll know what I’m talking about. The burden does not come when people are already asleep. The challenge comes from getting there.

Get Your Eyes to Fall Asleep

Although the entire body falls into rest, falling completely asleep also depends on how comfortable and rested your eyes get. I hate it when my entire body begs for sleep or a short nap and my eyes just seem to be gleaming and it won’t shut down. Eventually we do fall asleep but like I said earlier, getting there is a struggle.

This struggle may be cause by two things. One, it could be because you have insomnia and it is an internal cause, or it could be because your environment is not sleep-friendly. Consequently when you are constantly exposed to this environment you develop the first cause –insomnia and when you have both, the struggle becomes worse.

Bad Lighting

Light is one of these factors that keep you from sleeping and keeps your eyes from shutting. Notice how you still “see” light even when your eyes are shut. Instead of seeing complete darkness, somehow light passes through the gap between your eyelids and your eyes naturally reacts to this light.

Then turn off the switch why don’t you, right? If only it were that easy. People can sleep during night time when it’s naturally dark or they can crave for a nap during the afternoon when you can’t switch off natural light. Outdoor night lights and street lights can also be the problem. So how can you shut out what you can’t switch off?

Not Block Out, Black Out

Install black blinds. Remember that once you’ve turned off the lights in the room, the other source of light will be outdoors. And how does outdoor light usually enter the home? Through windows of course. The black blinds will enable you to keep out light, turn your room pitch black even!

Night Time All Day

Black blinds allow you to sleep at any time of the day, even when the sunlight usually enters your room. Enjoy longer hours of sleep on weekends and free days. Now you won’t be worrying about the sunlight waking you up before you intend to. Not only will you keep the light out but you’ll be keeping out the heat as well. Ease the energy spent by air condition units but preventing heat to come in with black blinds.

Enjoy better sleep, a cooler atmosphere in a room kept with enough privacy thanks to the black blinds!