History tells us that the different early civilizations began in places beside bodies of water. As we all know, water is an essential necessity. It is the source of life–food, hydration, hygiene, and of course, fun!

Living beside lakes or rivers in a cabin is always a great experience, but living on a boathouse that’s actually floating on water is even better! Imagine not having to walk all the way from your lake house to the lake. You wake up, take a few steps, and jump in.

A boathouse along the Lake Huron and the Georgian Bay, a project by Michael Meredith of Toronto-based MOS is a boathouse perfect for the nature-loving family. Whether, going to the lake is all about long boat rides, fishing, or the sheer fun of swimming and canon-ball dives, this boathouse was definitely built for fun.

Building the boathouse was quite a challenge because of the natural Canadian terrain where the boathouse was built on. However, with the right design, the boathouse was built strategically to go with the terrain. Because of this, the house feels right at home and it looks well with the rest of the environment.

From the exterior of the house, it looks very simple and rustic and somewhat plain. The visually fun part of this boathouse comes from the interior. Inside, you will easily notice how they paid a lot of attention to decor although it keeps a minimalist concept. Pieces like bear portraits, family photos give life to the walls of the interior. There are also a random accent of bright colors in different areas of the house that will capture the eye.

The earthy and rugged facade of the exterior of the house is balanced by the more polished and modern look of the interior of the house.However, it still keeps a casual feel to it that allow kids to play and enjoy indoors as much a they enjoy outdoors.

I’m sure homeowners of this beautiful boathouse have had tons of fun memories here. It’s places like these that are worth taking long drives for. A vacation without a boat ride or a good swim just isn’t the same. And you can have all that plus the comfort of home with a boathouse such as this one!