Ever wondered how it feels to live in caves, against cold rough walls, without a heater and using your dinner’s skin to serve as your blanket? With the way I made that sound, you probably wouldn’t bother. But, we can never deny that the people we are today is a a result of the people that have come before us and they can still inspire us one way or another.

In todays trend in architectural design, a lot of architects often go back to the roots of man. Organic, eco-friendly and raw materials are becoming the inspiration, in this case, foundation of their projects.

This rock or cave house project is probably among the best ones yet. Its literally a compact home complete with a shower, lit during the day by skylight and a single-sized bed complete with a mattress and comfortable pillows. The house cave also has storage areas. If you think about it, this is actually a stylish way of going back to basics without even having to sacrifice stylish comfort.

To make things more interesting, the rock was actually hollowed out by a cow. It was fed in that area, where hay was stacked and the cow just ate through it. Now I know how caves came about. Anyway, the builders of the cave house filled the surface with cement and the rest of the hay was removed, again with the help of the cow.
On the wall where the bed was placed is a large glass window opening to a breathtaking view of a body of water. By being one with nature, and a view like that, this compact cave house can feel larger than life.

If they built caves as cool as this one, we’d still be cavemen today. Who needs to move out when you’ve got this stylish, minimalist yet modern cave home to live in. I mean, it’s enough to keep you comfortable and cozy while your other tribesmen go out to hunt for your dinner. But seriously, this project is truly a creative way to illustrate the natural beauty of nature’s elements such as this rock. Nature in its simplest form is indeed a masterpiece on its own.