When something is put under pressure, two things can happen. First, pressure wins and the balloon pops or second, a diamond emerges. And a diamond in the rough is exactly how I would like to describe this tree house in New Zealand built by architect Jono Williams and his friends.

A rugged yet functional and sustainable structure, this tree house can boast that it was built on a budget, and a compilation of donated materials. The architects of this very creative project leaned towards building the tree house as an environment friendly structure throughout.

So, you might wonder how you can pull a diamond out of a hat full of donated materials? Well, probably it was the limited budget and donated materials that made this tree house very creative and unique. I mean several tree houses have been featured, most are posh, stylish and chic–but none of them even had a radio-operated draw bridge!

The tree house is also very livable. There’s an outdoor bathroom, indoor heating, sound system, a sofa-bed. The idea is basic and functional. Where’s the decorative finishings you ask? Well, for that all you have to do is step out or look through the window and the whole of New Zealand is out there standing, green and beautiful as ever. Seriously, the view from this tree top is really priceless.

From the exterior part of the tree house, it really is a bit rugged and rustic however, once you enter you will easily feel that a lot of effort has come into creating a comfortable space that people can actually sleep in or stay in for a period of time if they need to.

Whoever said tree houses only exist in childhood memories? This eco-friendly treehouse has definitely shown me that there are no barriers in the kind of house you want to live in. Whether on a budget or spending your entire savings for a house, in the end it will still be what you make of it.