A light house on the mountains of Spain. A floating roof in the night. This is how you would see this modern mountain house designed by Architects Cadaval & Sola-Morales . This house sits opposite the Spanish Pyrenees–a view that can definitely take you breath away. However, whether during the day or late at night, the house itself is an attraction of its own.

Sitting on “dry stones”, traditional building materials for mountain houses in this area, is a dominant roof. From the outside the roof looks stands out and is undeniably modern. Inside the roof plays host to different function areas of the house. Its best feature? Several windows that allow a view of the Pyrenees.

At night, the house looks like a beacon. It glows as if to respond to the natural beauty of the view opposite to it. Inside, the roof feels very open not only because of the windows but also because of the glass wall at one side which allows you to see the valley below.
Because the roof is quite dominant and with the lights shining through the windows at night, the roof can somehow look like its floating.

Fixtures and furnishings of the house is anything but traditional except for the rustic fire place that sits within a sitting area. The bright colors of some of the fixtures and several art pieces make them stand out against the plain white walls. The interior is kept spacious, not crowding with too much furniture to keep the view outdoors as the focal point.

Against the fog this light house in the mountain is like a guiding landmark. Who ever thought that a roof like this can have so much function not just for the homeowners but for the neighborhood?