Bay Windows

Bay windows are uniquely shaped windows, and while this may look attractive it can cause problems when you try to buy and fit curtain poles to them. Each bay window consists of three separate windows installed at angles to provide the appearance of one window when viewed from the outside. If the bay window curtain rods are purchased and installed, they will aid the appearance of one single window when viewed from the inside too.

Inexperienced homeowners are often recommended the option of using separate rod installation. This means that one rod is installed on each of the three windows making up the bay window. However, this will result in a greater amount of curtain bunching and light prevention. Furthermore, you will be required to install individual curtain sets on each of your rods. When doing this, a number of curtain panels will have to be bunched together at the window in the middle and one curtain panel on either end. The results would not be too appealing to look at. This can be avoided through purchasing and installing bay window curtain rods.

A number of companies specialize in creating curtain poles for bay windows. A bay window curtain pole is typically created from flexible material able to bend in whatever way it is required to. The bending of a bay window curtain pole required the use of special tools and unique skill homeowners may not be in possession of. Before acquiring a quote for custom made bay window curtain rods, there are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration. In order to acquire the measures of the bay window curtain pole, you will need to place a finger against the wall where the decorative rod end base should be. From here, you should measure the wall from one corner to the other. Do this for the left and right sides. For the wall in between the two, measure this from one corner to the next. The company manufacturing the custom bay window curtain pole will need to be aware of the relationship of each of your walls to one another. This is known in the industry as the ‘angle of the bay’. The majority of these windows measure 135 degrees. However, do check this to make sure it is right as custom orders are unlikely to be able to be returned.

If you are unable to afford custom made curtain poles for bay windows, there are a few other options to consider. A limited number of companies offer a bay window curtain pole that bends in two places to form a curved rod. Curtain rods of this kind feature an ‘elbow’ system which mimics the curvature within a bay window. This type of rod is installed by placing the rod’s elbow into the bracket corner then lengthening each side.

Whichever type of bay window curtain pole you choose for your home, you will be granted the opportunity to correctly install your curtains on a bay window so that they look appealing and function appropriately. Bay windows provide a room with beauty and sunlight and with them they bring years of enjoyment.