Stained glass now a days isn't only for the churches and cathedrals anymore

Stained glass calls to mind images of churches.  The grandeur and opulence of an enormous church stained glass window may seem a little over the top for your home, but you can incorporate this beautiful style into your home in much more subtle ways.

Stained glass panels are growing in popularity.  They are very versatile in style, and don’t necessarily have to have the deep, serious colors of church windows.  Many of these panels depict landscapes, and use light colors to allow a lot of light into your room. If you want a trendy abstract image, or a scene from a favorite storybook, you can find it.  You can even custom-order stained glass panels.  The possibilities are literally as endless as your imagination.

Where can you put stained glass panels?  Anywhere!  Large ones can be installed into your window frames, or you can find smaller hanging glass window panels to place in front of a window.  These can be great decorations for a porch, patio, or garden.  If you have windows surrounding your door, stained glass panels make great accents.  They can also be used in rooms where you want privacy.  They will allow some light in, but will create enough distortion that no one will be able to see into the room.

If you don’t want to get real glass window panels, you can still get the great look of stained glass without spending the money, or going through the effort to install new windows.  Stained glass window film allows you to create the look of stained glass on any window or class surface.  These simply cling to the window, and can be easily applied and removed.  Since they are so easy and inexpensive, they give you a lot of room to get creative, try out some cool styles, or to put up some temporary seasonal or holiday decorations in your windows.  And many stained glass window films are so high quality that they can be difficult to differentiate from real stained glass.

The look of stained glass is a great way to add some color to your home.  You can decorate with stained glass in subtle ways, or in very dramatic ways.  With all of the different styles and choices, it is easy to incorporate this great look into your home.