A straight staircase provides the best option for buying a chair lift for stairs

Buying a chair lift for your stairs can be a major investment and the cost of buying a chair lift can vary greatly. Costs can double depending on a number of factors relating to: the system of the chair lift, a person’s staircase configuration, and any addition costs associated with the chair lift for stairs (possible permits, etc.).

Most homes will either have a rack and pinion chair lift, or a cable chair lift system. The rack and pinion system is the higher quality of the two as it provides a smoother ascent/decent. This added smoothness comes from a more sophisticate mechanical system and regular lubricant maintenance. This increases the cost of purchasing, installation, and maintenance of the rack and pinion chair lift system.

The biggest factor in determining the cost of a home chair lift is the shape, size and length of the staircase. Having a straight staircase provides the best option for buying a chair lift for stairs, as the only measurement that is needed is the length of the staircase. The chair rail is then cut to length. A curved staircase has to be measured in terms of length, curvature and inclination.  These measurements are then used to create a custom made chair lift fitted to that staircase. This increases the cost and time for installation and manufacturing of the chair lift for your stairs.  A prefabricated, one flight, straight chair lift can cost between $3000 – 5000, a curved staircase will require an additional $5-$8000 for the overall cost of the chair lift.

Chair lifts can come with additional costs. These include, having more than one flight of stairs, inspection certificates and permits depending on where you live, and any additional electrical modifications that needs to be made to your household to supplement the stair chair lift.

The costs of a chair lift for stairs can vary greatly based on the two main factors that determine the cost: the system you choose for the lift (rack and pinion vs. cable) and the configuration of your staircase (straight over curved). Based on the quality of the ascent/decent and the staircase configuration, a person can then determine what they would need to pay to purchase, install and maintain a chair lift for their home.