Wood stoves will continue to be a popular choice for home heat for years to come

Nothing heats your home better during the winter than wood burning stoves. Not to mention the beauty and atmosphere that a wood fire provides. They are also nice for reducing energy costs because they won’t add to your electric and gas bills. They are actually quite convenient depending on which fireplace accessories you choose.

Multi Fuel Stoves

Getting yourself a quality multi fuel stove gives you an efficient home heating option that can virtually eliminate your fuel bill. Many of these furnaces can use fuels such as oil and coal, wood, and gas to heat your entire home. Fire brick linings will allow wood stoves or furnaces to be even more energy efficient. Wasted energy is minimal as heat is absorbed and retained by the bricks.

Many wood stove accessories have been made available to increase the production of these furnaces, mainly because of how popular they are. A fan may be necessary for your wood stove to get the heat distributed to all areas of the room. The heat can regulated with the use of a thermostat, which is included in some models. There are a number of other accessories available as well, including floor and wall protectors, screens, and ash holders. If you have small children or pets, you will certainly want to protect them with a fireplace screen.

A fuel stove can be purchased in cast iron, which gives you an old time feel, or a more modern steel design. Finding the right stove for you is easy with the wide variety of sizes and designs they are available in. To add to the atmosphere, a glass door is included in most models to allow you to relax and watch the fire while it heats your room.

Wood stoves will continue to be a popular choice for home heat for years to come. They are an affordable heating option that adds to the d├ęcor and atmosphere of almost any room.