Square rugs have a hidden interior design appeal

As an interior designer, I am obligated to know the latest trends in home design. For a fact, I know that most interior decorators today favor sleek and ergonomic designs for almost any aspect of the home. Sofas, light fixtures, cabinets and drawers – you name it, an interior decorator would utilize it for your home. Still, and I say this despite my knowledge of today’s trends, there is a subtle elegance that only solid shaped designs can bring, much like what a square rug can do for your home. Believe me, I’ve seen and done it for many other homes already.

The Hidden Appeal of Square Area Rugs

I guess in today’s wishy-washy world of artsy-fartsy design, utilizing a square area rug is like declaring a bold statement. The strong balance of solid geometric shapes stands for values that will remain constant, despite whatever waves may crash against it. It’s more of a psychological or symbolic thing really, like a gesture to the world about defiance or some such notion. It is what that gesture stands for that people find appealing.

From a practical interior design point of view, small square rugs or even large ones look great in living spaces that utilize the combination of striking lines and other geometric shapes as its main decorative elements. A few examples include modernistic homes, Hispanic themed estates, traditional Old English themed spaces and Japanese themed rooms, just to name a few.  Each of these styles employs this basic element in either their fixtures, the shoji, or in its more vital components such as stair cases or windows, vis-a-vis, a glass panel, which is perfect to be complemented with a square rug.

What 8 X 8 Square Rugs Do for a Living Space

Square rugs partition your home in style

I do not mean to say, however, that 6 x 6 square area rugs, or other rugs of a different dimension, would exclusively look great with designs that it bears close resemblance to, nor with only select pieces in the house. No, square rugs provide the perfect accent, much like how good food is made even flavorful with a little sugar and spice, not to mask the taste, but to enhance it and give it a little perk. A square rug would the perfect addition to a bland living room setting with a sofa set, light fixtures, a coffee desk and other ornaments which, although handsome by themselves, seem to need something to glue them together.

I once designed an apartment room for a friend of a friend, and it was perhaps one of the trickiest jobs I ever undertook. It was a studio type room, which means that it is one big area that would have to be ‘mentally’ partitioned or else, actually worked on by a remodeling contractor. I was going to suggest a few remodeler friends, but it turned out that my client was short on funds so I had to make do with what was there.

Setting up the bedroom area was easily done by utilizing bookcases as make shift dividers that separate that area from the rest of the room. It also helped that the apartment unit’s bathroom was also by the bedroom area. The living room and the dining room-slash-kitchen were the only parts that needed delineation, and placing a square rug in the sofa set made it clear where the living room area ended and where the kitchen began. At that point, I thought using square kitchen rugs would be over the top, but I tried it out and looked quite alright.


Square rugs have different styles and designs for your home

Choosing Area Rugs Square in Shape for Your Home

If you want to utilize large square rugs for your home, you must carefully choose one that would go well with your pre-existing furniture, fixtures, and room patterns. The shape and texture of the square rug is one thing, but choosing one with a color and design that would match that of your room is another thing entirely. Use square rugs for your home, but choose what specific type of square rug to use wisely.

If you’re serious about square rugs, you should look up good available square rugs for sale online. For starters, why don’t you try the Couristan Recife Checkered Field Cocoa Black 7X6 Round Area Rug from Amazon. It has basic solid colors and a simple but elegant pattern that is sure to fit almost any home theme. Try it out for yourself and tell me what you think in the comments section below.