Comfort and style with daybed covers

Daybeds are especially useful for people who accommodate guests on a regular basis. Our relatives often visit our home for no apparent reason, so we have to be ready with accommodations more often than women have their periods. Through the years, I have come to realize that apart from daybeds being useful and necessary to people like myself, purchasing daybed covers are as equally important.

Helping the Helper

A daybed is essentially a bed that moonlights as a couch when the need for it arises. It is comfortable to lounge around on a daybed because it’s like you’re lounging around on a bed-sized sofa. The best part about the daybed, though, is that whenever you feel like sleeping, you can do so by just lying down and propping your head against a pillow.

That’s why I think daybed covers are important because they are for those types of exigent circumstances. A bed will always need to have clean sheets in order for people to find them appealing, and they daybed is not an exception to this view. Also, it ensures that the daybed remains clean, regardless of the person using it.

The Ideal

A smart daybed cover purchase must therefore be of a cover that would protect the daybed by day against dust and other germs, a makeshift comforter-slash-blanket by night, and a ‘round the clock source of good vibes. I took the time out to choose a daybed cover with prints that match or complement the rest of my room.

I have friends who tell me that having a daybed without a daybed cover is like going to McDonald’s without having a burger – it defeats the whole purpose. I have to agree with them because I like the feeling of having a daybed cover on my daybed. The cover complements the daybed and I feel as if my body is pressed against something softer and more comfortable.

How to Choose Your Daybed Cover

As such, here are some things to remember when deciding to buy a daybed cover. First, you should get accurate dimensions of your daybed so that the cover you intend to buy would actually fit. Next, you should choose a design or print that would complement the set-up of the room where your daybed is located. It would be awkward if you bought a pink or flowery daybed cover with lace trimmings for a daybed situated in your modernistic living room.

Another helpful tip would be to read the user feedback when purchasing online so that you know the kind of quality that you are getting.  That’s what I did with my first daybed cover set purchase and I have to say I was quite happy with what I got. Try looking up the Paramount Stockton 5-Piece Daybed Ensemble from Amazon for starters.