Round Rugs From Egypt

The idea of having and oriental rug may be attractive to us, but we don’t always want traditional colors or motifs that originate from that part of the world. Nevertheless, the quality if Persian and oriental carpet is desirable, which brings us to a company that specializes in exactly such contemporary creations, blending technology, polypropylene materials and ancient techniques into their products. The company is simply called Spinx, appropriately since their designs come from Egypt, but are crafted in such a way as to satisfy even the most modern tastes.

While still being somewhat exotic, especially the round rugs in the Kharma collections, they offer nontraditional flooring alternatives for areas that receive heavy traffic, even for kitchens and entryways where the more delicate oriental carpets might not be suitable.

What differentiates the round rug designs that Sphinx crates from other manufacturer’s collections? Primarily the patterns and colors, which are more modern, including lavenders and purples, greens that are not traditional and geometric shapes that may be somewhat less repetitive than classic styles. Although not exclusively round in shape, some of the more dramatic accent pieces are in fact round rugs that have 6 foot or 8 foot dimensions, perfect for placing under dinning tables or in large living rooms. And although this may not be unique in itself, the price they retail for is a huge bonus, especially when decorating on a tight budget.

Round rug prices in the Kharma collections start at under $100 and go up to just over $500. But what do you get for $500? An 8 foot round contemporary area rug that will fill a room. It’s difficult to find oriental carpets and never mind unique ones that have interesting motifs for under $1,000 in that size. And best of all, the fiber, being synthetic, makes the pieces so versatile that you can even use them outdoors – on a deck during the summer or, in the long runner styles, as flooring solutions in a kitchen, even under an island cart or beside a high traffic area like the sink. Mix and match round and rectangular rugs and bring together open spaces, like a dinning room / kitchen, or a living room / dinning area that may be open.