Latex matresses for superior comfort

If you’ve been an avid reader of my articles, you’d know that I love sleeping and I simply adore my orthopedic memory foam mattress to death. I like it because it’s so comfortable and it promotes healthy sleep. Lately, however, I have come across this new product called latex foam mattresses which is just like memory foam but with better qualities. I have been researching on it extensively and so far I like what I’m seeing.

The Difference with Latex Foam Mattresses

As you all know, memory foam is a miracle material that mimics the shape of the body of the person lying on it. As result, anyone can maintain good posture while on the memory foam mattress, even when he or she is unconscious. Owners of memory foam mattresses would testify that feeling of sleeping on such a material is very comfortable and beneficial because of its latent orthopedic features.

However, latex gold mattresses are better than memory foam in general because it has more health benefits and is actually, impossible as it may sound, more comfortable to sleep on. Latex mattresses are more expensive than any type of mattress because of the how it is made in factories all over the world. The result is a high density sleeping implement which is more durable and would last longer.

The material from the latex core of a latex foam mattress is first procured from the sap of a rubber tree and mixed with just the right amount of air and water for that perfect texture. Next, the blended material is molded into a mattress core with ventilation holes. Afterwards, it is vulcanized, cleaned, and bound together by organic cotton which hugs the latex and becomes the surface of the bed to be sold.

Latex mattresses are harder to manufacture

A Little More About Latex in Mattresses

As I have earlier mentioned, latex mattresses are ‘healthier’ than memory foam mattresses because of its added health benefits for the person sleeping on it. Memory foams have a component called polyeurethane which causes its comfortable ‘shape-mimicking’ property. However, this secret ingredient is also the cause of an unwanted side-effect, which is the accumulation of body heat in the surface of the mattress. As a result, a person lying on top would feel his body temperature on the snug material of the memory foam – this would be particularly disastrous during those hot summer nights.

Natural latex mattress are not like memory foam in this regard because it does not heat up when a warm body is put against it. Thus, anyone who sleeps on a latex foam mattress would feel the same snug effect without the added warmth from his or her body heat. It would also be worth noting that latex is hypoallergenic and is the best mattress choice for those struggling with allergies to dust or other microbial matter.

Choose a latex mattress that would bring comfort to you and your loved one

Choosing a Natural Latex Mattress for the Home

Above and beyond all these, mattresses also have differences amongst themselves. Not all mattresses claiming to be 100% pure latex have the same quality, and a distinction must be made between 100% pure latex and 100% blended latex. Blended latex often have only 30% pure latex and 70% synthetic material, making it less durable than its natural alternative. Natural latex, on the other hand, is said to be longer lasting and inherently more elastic. There is no better choice, of course, because there are blended latex types that are actually more comfortable and can last relatively longer, while some find pure natural latex to feel too stifling to the point that it is uncomfortable.

I’m really at a loss at what to do. Should I get a discount latex mattress or the best rated latex mattress for my bedroom and if I did, should I choose the blended or the natural variant? Would you have any suggestions for me? What would you do if you were in my shoes? Leave a comment below and tell me what you think. Don’t forget to also like like us on Facebook  and follow us on Twitter.