Vinegar is equally efficient at cleansing tile grout

Whenever you feel the need to clean your tile, you tend to recall the advertisements on the TV, showing and extolling the values and benefits of a particular cleaner. Nevertheless, whereas such commercials and advertising statements be accurate, the straightforward truth is, no matter what the commercials express regarding eliminating you grout stain, you don’t want harmful chemical substances with their related poisonous residues to affect your beautiful tiles and tile grout. It’s always safe to make your own. Read on the following DIY tips to know more:

Cleansing using Baking Soda

To scrub tile grout using baking soda, begin by having your grout damp using a moist sponge or cloth. Then, sprinkle baking soda on top. After that, let it stay for a minute or two. Once it is absorbed, scrub it using a any small brush, a toothbrush will do. You may be shocked at how clean this makes the grout!

In case you have a problem with mold and mildew, attempt using vinegar or lemon juice on the grout first. Scrub it in and permit it stay to remove the molds. Then continue with the water and baking soda as instructed above.

Cleaning using Vinegar

Vinegar is equally efficient at cleansing tile grout. Here is how it is used. Add 1 cup vinegar to 1 gallon of hot water in a particular container. Dip a scrubber into this mixture and scrub the tile with it. Continue along the grout lines. Once it is completely clean, wipe it off with a clear cloth, which is soaked into one other container of clean water. Proceed with cleansing until you have covered the entire floor.

That is all. You now have two household-friendly, eco pleasant ways to scrub your grout safely using solutions which you probably already have.

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